Will writing - protecting your assets, your wishes and your beneficiaries

There are many reasons for ensuring you have a professionally-written Will. Even people with seemingly very straightforward circumstances can save their loved ones from considerable heartache and problems after their death.

Who should make a Will?

  • Anyone over the age of eighteen.
  • Anyone with any assets, from small savings to a high-value estate.
  • Anyone who has children.
  • Anyone who has business interests.

It’'s a shocking statistic that 60% of UK adults have not prepared a Will. Perhaps even more shocking is that over 65% of those with children do not have a Will. Yet making a Will is an inexpensive service with immense benefits (the most we charge, for even a very complicated personal Will, is only £185 + VAT). We can also store your Will and other important documents securely.

Why should I make a Will?

  • Without a Will you are playing ‘intestacy lottery’: it’'s often a misguided perception that things will be easily sorted out after your death. It is also arguably unfair on those you leave behind.
  • At the most basic level, by preparing a Will you are choosing the people you would like to administer your estate (‘executors’) and those you would like to be beneficiaries.
  • Without a Will your assets won’'t necessarily pass to those you would like them to. If you have children, you are appointing who you would like to look after them should you die before they reach 18.
  • Plus, you are protecting your beneficiaries against inheriting at a financially-disadvantageous time– such as a potential divorce or, if they are in business, bankruptcy. It is common for a Will to protect children from being inadvertently disinherited.

Consider, too, helping your family by stating in your Will what you would like to happen to you when you die. You can even purchase a funeral plan. Many people find it difficult to discuss such matters with their family but easier to tell us– and it can avoid considerable heartache and argument by writing down your wishes.

Hutchinson Legal & Associates provides a variety of Wills which cover all scenarios. We write basic Wills, ‘mirror’ Wills for married couples, Wills which provide inheritance tax planning for unmarried couples, and Wills which include trusts to safeguard assets from circumstances such as bankruptcy, divorce and even care fees.

We ensure each Will is fluid, flexible and as future-proof as possible so that life-changing events don'’t invalidate it (for example, did you know that marriage invalidates a Will but a divorce sometimes does not?) We write your Will with potential events in mind, so you need only change it when you want to, not because you have to.

Paul Hutchinson is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Willwriters. You can be assured of the best advice when drawing up what could be the most important document of your life.

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