Trust review service - an independent evaluation of efficiency and suitability

Through our strategic partners we offer a trust review service: expert independent financial advice to professional and private trustees.  

In the interest of continued due diligence, trustees supply a copy of the trust document and Investment Policy Statement (IPS). We then prepare a report showing independent analysis and commentary on both the investment suitability and tax efficiency of the trust. 

Hutchinson Legal & Associates continually invests in leading technology, enabling us to analyse and interrogate the holdings of a trust. This is the first step to forming a view on the volatility taken by the designated investment manager to achieve the goals of the trust.  

We can also make recommendations to trustees regarding remedial actions to improve the tax efficiency of the trust and reduce investment risk through diversification. 

The benefits to trustees of our trust review service include:

  • risk health check – an independent view on the levels of volatility and diversification within the investment funds compared to the guidelines and goals set out in the IPS;
  • tax health check – an independent assessment of the tax efficiency of the trust. Could more income be passed to beneficiaries through paying less tax? Has the trust been reviewed after recent increases to Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax on discretionary trusts?
  • a second opinion – is there a better solution?
  • peace of mind – we ensure trustees are meeting obligations set out in the Trustee Act 2000 by providing a clear audit trail.  

We charge a fee based on an hourly rate. The fee depends on the size and complexity of the investment holdings and we state it clearly before we carry out any work. We then arrange a no-obligation meeting with the trustees at our expense to outline the findings in the report in greater detail. The cost of any work undertaken can be paid for by the trust without the trustees having to pay anything.