Wealth preservation - specialist trust advisors

When you’'ve worked hard to build up assets and a family home you really don'’t want to see them stripped away by taxes when you die. A common, legitimate way to help avoid this is through the use of trusts.  

Almost uniquely among Bristol law firms we are specialists in advising on setting up trusts to fulfil an individual's requirements and their wishes for their beneficiaries. A trust can take effect only when you die, and / or it can protect you while you are alive. 

All our trusts are prepared by our associates who are fully qualified professionals and who are able to prepare a trust under the Legal Services Act.

Usually our clients want to protect their assets from Inheritance Tax or from other negative situations. A Discretionary Trust can solve many legal problems commonly encountered by our clients. For example, a trust may: 

  • protect against a beneficiary inheriting at a potentially inconvenient time, such as during a divorce or bankruptcy;
  • removes the need for probate: assets held within a trust are not subject to the costly and time-consuming probate procedure;
  • prevent an inheritance tax burden being created for your children or other chosen beneficiaries;
  • help to avoid a child or other relative making a claim under the Inheritance Act 1975;
  • allow trustees to step in and help an elderly or vulnerable person manage their affairs where there is no Lasting Power of Attorney in place;
  • ensure that any pension death benefits or life insurance payouts are not subject to 40% inheritance tax;
  • preserve the tax efficient status of business or agricultural property;
  • ensure family members are not disinherited against their wishes (for example if your spouse or partner remarries). 

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