Pre-paid Funeral Plans - fulfilling your wishes and relieving a burden from your loved ones

Some people avoid thinking about planning and paying for their own funeral. However, making these arrangements has many benefits for everyone involved.

Following your death, the first thing your family will have to do is to organise your funeral. It will be an extremely difficult time for them emotionally, so by taking this worry out of their hands you will save them considerable grief and suffering. In addition, you may have specific wishes for where and how you wish your body or ashes to be interred and while you can make provision in your Will, this will not absolutely guarantee that your wishes are carried out. Thirdly, money you have invested in a pre-paid funeral plan is discounted from your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes, meaning more of your family's money can stay within the family. A further consideration is rising funeral charges: by pre-paying your funeral you are future-proofing its cost.

Peace for eternity

One option we are especially happy to advise clients about is Memorial Woodlands. It’s a serene, peaceful, 20-acre woodland cemetery in a gentle valley near Thornbury – just four miles from Bristol yet set in rolling countryside. With a pretty, non-denominational chapel and a light, airy reception building, there is only one funeral held each day at Memorial Woodlands, allowing the time, space and privacy to celebrate life and say an unhurried goodbye.

The woodland has memorial plots for burials and ashes interment set among indigenous trees, shrubs, hedgerows and flowering bulbs, with the option to plant new trees in memory of loved ones. Protected in trust for eternity, the woodlands are open every day for family and friends to visit and represent a positive, ecologically sound legacy for future generations. We speak from experience as some of Paul Hutchinson's family's ashes are interred on the site.

Despite the many obvious advantages and attractions of Memorial Woodlands, funeral plans are remarkably competitive, from single plots to family areas.

In addition we offer funeral plans from Golden Charter and Dignity.

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