Document Storage

We are now able to offer you secure storage for your legal documents.

It is vital that your Wills, Codicils, Powers of Attorney and other legal documents are stored in a fire-proof secure storage area.

If you lose your documents then replacing them can cause an unnecessary waste of time and cost and may well mean that you have no legally valid document at the very time that it is needed.

Furthermore we often encounter the scenario where an executor or relative does not know where to find a loved-one's Will or other similar document.

As long as you inform your relatives that your Will and other documents are being stored with us then you are able to rest assured that all your documents are in a secure location where your friends and family can retrieve them quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Our storage costs start from just £15.00 per annum per document for a single person's Will (or similar) or £30.00 per annum per pair of documents for a couple. Our charge for storage only covers our costs of document insurance and is not intended as a profit making scheme. Once storage is paid for, clients can store as many documents as they like with us at no further cost.