Company Formation Advice

Historically most companies were formed by accountants and solicitors. The process had to be completed by hand and generally took about two weeks to complete. Forms had to be completed by the company officers, documents needed to be signed by a solicitor, and then Companies House would process the formation and return a certificate of incorporation.

Fortunately the internet has now made the process a lot easier. It is now possible to complete your company formation within a few hours rather than several days. This has led to the development of company formation agent websites. You can now form a limited company online without leaving your house.

We are also able to advise as to whether a limited company is the best structure for you – have you thought about trading as an umbrella company, partnership, sole-trader or even charitable company? There are advantages and disadvantages depending on your projected turnover, profits, number of employees and getting the right advice at the start will ensure that your company will run in the most tax efficient way possible.

We often work with existing organisations, especially those who are rapidly expanding, to advise them whether they should be continuing in their current format or whether a change is now necessary.